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Odorizing systems


Absorption type odorizing systems are used in small and middle sized stations with flow rates up to 5000 Sm3/h. Also, it can be used as standby and emergency system in all injection type odorizing installations. For the proper function it is needed to make differential pressure, by using butterfly or similar valve. Odorizers include magnetic level indicator with possibility for remote reading.

Design and function

Absorption odorizer reservoirs are made as welded bodies designed in conformance with the standards governing the construction of pressure vessels. One part of gas that goes through the main line, flows into the reservoir body of the odorizer through the inlet nozzle. As the gas enters the reservoir body of the odorizer, it absorps small quantities of odorant, and than leaves, mixing with main gas flow. The quantity of absorbed odorizer can by adjusted with butterfly regulating valve, on the main line.

Technical data

For proper odorizer selection, except flow capacity in terms of Kg, Kv or Cv, several more technical informations are required:

Odorizing reservoir sizeL
Nominal diameterDN
Standard pressure categoriesPN
Ambient temperature range[OC]
End connectionRF, RJ, BW


Commonly used materials for odorizers working with odorant that is generally very corrosive fluid, are stainless steel for reservoir and carbon steel for piping, like one example given bellow:

Reservoir for odorantStainless steel
PipingP235TR2, Gr.B
Connections for fillingC22, A105

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