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Welcome to natural gas and LPG system engineering and construction information source

Your source of information about ball valves, regulating valves, safety blow off valves, safety shut off valves, and complete natural gas and LPG systems and installations.

Natural and LPG gas ball, safety and regulating valves and systems

Natural gas and LPG systems - Metering and regulating stations, loading and unloading facility, safety and regulating, metering equipment. Pressure regulators, safety valves, ball valves, cartridge filters. Complete natural gas and LPG installations and systems solution provider.

Pressure regulators

The hart of every regulating station for natural gas or LPG. Either direct acting, pilot operated, with or without integrated safety shut off valve. They are responsible for good and safe work of our natural gas and LPG installations.


Ball valves

Either one, two or three pieces body ball valve, floating ball or trunnion mounted, top entry or side entry, threaded connection, flanged connection, butt-weld connection, above ground or underground mounted, wrench, gear or motor operated. All ball valves have to close tightly. No compromise about this.


Conversion from solid and liquefied fuel to natural gas

Want to convert from expensive and dirty fuel to natural gas? It is a great idea! And it is not to difficult at all. Select appropriate equipment, apply all safety regulations and you can start to use environment friendly natural gas.


Natural gas installations

Gas metering and regulating stations design principles. Stations consist of pressure regulators, safety relief valves, safety shut off valves, ball valves, gas meters, cartridge filters, gas heat exchangers, for safe and continues work


Conversion to natural gas

Industrial natural gas and LPG installation information source. Use of natural gas in industry for heating, steam and hot air production, cooking, etc.


Safety shut off and relief valves

System safety equipment acting as protection in the case of problems with pressure regulators. Standing silently on every regulating station, but in the case of pressure increase above set value, making its existence very loud.


High and low pressure natural gas train

Set of equipment for safe and continues gas burners work in automatic mode. Make gas combustion safe and get best performance out of burner with precise pressure regulation, safe start up process and tight closing in stop mode.


LPG installations

LPG loading and unloading facilities for rail and car tanks. LPG installation consist of globe and ball valves, excess flow valves, safety blow off valves, liquid phase indicators, level indicators, Coriolis mass flow meters and other equipment for LPG manipulation, loading and unloading systems


Metering and regulating stations

Stations for pressure regulation, reduction, gas metering and gas treatment. Used as city gate, distribution, industrial, commercial, underground, domestic.