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Cartridge filters


Cartridge filters are developed for remove of dust, rust and other solid particles from a stream of dry gas or air.

Design and function

Cartridge filters are encased in welded bodies designed in conformance with the standards governing the construction of pressure vessels. Gas flows into the body of the filter through the inlet nozzle. As the gas enters the body of the filter, major impurities and dirt particles will drop to the bottom of the filter body because of the reduced rate of flow. The gas now passes through the filtration materials towards the inside cartridge. Impurities are retained, and the purified gas flows out through the outlet nozzle.

The filter medium consists of radially pleated pulp paper with a pore size of 2 microns and is guarantied filtration performance of around 99.9%. The filtration paper is polyester-reinforced and impregnated with phenol resin. All steel parts are galvanized.

Measured across the entire cartridge the maximum admissible pressure loss is 500 mbar. As soon as pressure loss readings reach between 200 and 300 mbar, it is recommended to replace the filter cartridge. Cleaning a cartridge polluted with dry particles with a jet of pressurized air is only a makeshift process, for even though the surface of the filter may appear clean afterward, the cellulose material is full of deep-seated dust and dirt particles. A filter that has been apparently cleaned in this fashion will have of no more than 50% of that of the new cartridge.

Technical data

For proper filter selection, except flow capacity in terms of Kg, Kv or Cv, several more technical informations are required:

Nominal diameterDN
Standard pressure categoriesPN
Ambient temperature range[OC]
End connectionRF, RJ, BW
Nominal diameterDN
Standard pressure categoriesPN
Ambient temperature range[OC]


Commonly used materials for filters working with natural gas and LPG, as non corrosive medium, are carbon steel with pulp paper, like one example given bellow:

Filter bodyP235TR2, Gr.B, X42
Filter flangesS235JRG2, A105
Filter cartirgePulp paper
Opening mechanismC22, P235TR2
NutsA194 2H
BoltsA193 B7

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