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Conversion to natural gas

Gasede Co. Limited can offer complete service regarding conversion of industrial and communal consumers from liquid and solid fuel to natural gas or LPG - liquefied petroleum gas. Our service cover basic and detailed design of gas installation, procurement of all required material and equipment, system building, commissioning and service within and after warranty period.

Converting energy consumers from liquid and solid fuel to natural gas or LPG will not only save money, but will also have positive effect on environment. Natural gas as well as LPG when combusted doesn't produce sulfur, but only water in the state of steam and carbon dioxide with nitrogen oxides in small and controlled quantities.

Industrial and communal user conversion to natural gas include in the case of natural gas use, design and construction of connecting pipe line to existing gas pipe network with appropriate capacity, design, construction and delivery of natural gas metering and regulating station, internal piping to specific gas consumer like gas burner.

For installations where natural gas is not available in appropriate quantities or the natural gas network doesn't exist, LPG installation can be used. LPG installation include storage tanks, with all needed equipment like ball valves, excess flow valves, safety valves, level metering equipment, loading and unloading facility, internal piping, evaporation and pressure reduction station with pressure regulators, cartridge filters, safety shut off valve and safety relief valve for safe and continues work.

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