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LPG installations

Design and function

LPG equipment is used for tank storage facilities, loading and unloading systems, pump stations, autogas stations, evaporation and reduction stations. Equipment for liquified petroleum gas installations in our products range include ball valves, globe valves, excess flow valves, safety relief valves, lpg evaporators, level metering systems, pressure and temperature transmiters.

For custody transfer, loading and unloading systems skid mounted stations with Coriolis mass flow meters are used. Metering skids are equipped with all needed ball valves, safety valves, filters and pressure transmitters, based on the custom design.

LPG evaporation and reduction stations we deliver as skid mounted, on steel skid frame in metal cabinet, based on the user specific request with custom design. Dimensioning of LPG evaporation and reduction stations is done based on the available pressures and on the requirements of gas consumer, which is regularly gas burner with appropriate gas train.

Evaporators can be delivered in two ways - as hot water evaporators and electric evaporators. Most common approach is to use electric evaporators for smaller gas consumption, and hot water for higher flow consumption. Hot water evaporators are using hot water or low pressure steam. Reduction part of station include one or two lines with full capacity.

Each regulating line consist of ball valve on the begging and on the end, cartridge filter, pressure regulator with safety shut off valve, safety relief valve and pressure gauge before and after the regulator. In the case of regulator malfunction on the main line safety shut off valve will act and stop the flow. As a result of pressure decrease, reserve line automatically starts and regulator on other reserve line is taking the function of pressure reduction and regulation.

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