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Insulation joints

Design and function

Insulation joints are used to electrically separate above ground installation from bellow ground installation, to prevent electric discharges in atmosphere shot cutting through metal pipe walls causing eventual fire and explosion. Both above and bellow ground mounting insulation joints are available. Parts of insulation joints are made according to EN and ANSI norms, from metal parts with guaranteed quality as welded construction, achieving high resistance and compact design. Insulation joints can be mounted in vertical and horizontal position.

Technical data

For proper insulation joint selection, several technical information are required:

Nominal sizeDN
Standard pressure categoriesPN
Ambient temperature range[OC]
End connection,welding endsBW


Commonly used materials for insulation joints working with natural gas and LPG, as non corrosive medium, is carbon steel with pertinax, like one example given bellow:

Connecting pipeP235TR2, Gr.B, X42, X52
FlangesS235JRG2, C22, A105
Body coverP235TR2, Gr.B, X42, X52
Insulation materialPertinax, insulation matter
SealsNBR 80

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